Saturday, 9 December 2017

Looking for a small Christmas gift - and help us look after our devices.

The partnership has to keep the defibrillators and cabinets  in services which includes replacement  pads, batteries and cleaning materials.

The partnership has for sale key ring face masks for use in an emergency for £2.50.
 A percentage of the sale goes towards keeping  the equipment in service.

So looking for a small gift for Christmas that helps save lives?
 The face masks are available from the Tourist Information Centre on Shore Road in Swanage

Chococo in Commercial Road Swanage
Keep in touch for further defibrillators workshops in 2018

Sunday, 26 November 2017

A massive thank you to the Co-op

A massive thank you to the Staff and Customers of the Co-op in Swanage for presenting over £8000 to the defibrillator partnership yesterday.
We will tell you a bit more about this during the week.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Pride of Britain

I would just like to thank everyone for their kind comments and support following my nomination for a "Pride of Britain" award. 

Whilst I didn't get to go to London as special thank you to Pete Wakefield for nominating me along with my fellow coordinators , guardians and supporters that have made the partnership work so well.

We have grown from just four to twenty defibrillators , with another possible nine in the Purbeck area if we can raise the funds to purchase them.

Whilst we look at the further devices, we are also looking at the look term sustainability of the equipment to ensure they remain "Rescue Ready"

Cleaning materials,  replacement pads and batteries are all costs we need to fund raise for in the near future.

 If you would like to make a donation to the Partnership please use one of our collection tins around the town or call into Corbens 41 Station Road Swanage.

Collection tins are located at Boots, Corbens, Seagull Café , Swanage Tourist Information and Chococo.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Defibrillator goes to Incident

Today saw the 10th time this year one of the Partnership defibrillators  has gone to an incident.

A medical incident in the town saw a member of the public directed to the nearest device which was on Shore Road , the 3rd time the device on Shore has been used this year.

Do you know what to do in a medical emergency ?

On Monday 16th October the Partnership is holding two workshops to support the Start a Heart day.
Held at the Methodist Church at 11am and then 7pm the sessions will last about 45 minutes and open to the public.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

ITV Pride of Britain nomination

We had some good news last week that Ian has been nominated for an ITV Pride of Britain Award for his work carried out with the  Defibrillator Partnership.

On Friday , reporter Richard Slee and cameraman Steve Codling attended the Coastguard Station to interview Ian, Peter Wakefield (the nominator ) and later at the United Reform Church an interview with Maggie.

The interview will be screened on ITV Meridian Tonight (6pm) during the week starting 9th October along with the other nominees of the Award throughout the week.

 A final winner is announced after all the nominations have been shown.

This nomination is very special reflecting the hard work of all the coordinators,  guardians, electricians and all those who have so generously donated to fund the devices and cabinets in Swanage and Purbeck area.

Richard and Steve outside the URC

Friday, 15 September 2017

SCDP News Update

Whilst everyone has had a busy summer , the partnership has been busy in the background ensuring the devices are rescue ready.

Within a week of being installed the Worth device went to an incident, followed by the URC device which went to an incident during the folk festival.

The workshops continue to encourage the use of the devices in the community.

Pictured above is a recent workshop at the All Saints Church with Maggie and Sophie demonstrating the processes involved.  Sophie has temporary departed Swanage whilst she attends UWE in Bristol so we wish her well in her studies.

We have a big workshop day coming up on the 16th October with workshops at 11am and 7pm at the Methodist Church Hall.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Next cabinet goes up in Worth

 Working with the Worth  Village Hall Committee , the Swanage Community Defibrillator Partnership has put up the latest public accessed Defibrillator cabinet.

Previously the device has been inside the Village Hall,  after fund raising this year  and working with the partnership the device will soon be available 24 hours a day.

Our resident electrician , Simon gave his time to install the cabinet which is to the side of the village hall near the back door.

The device has had to be placed here due to the listed status of the village hall so it couldn't be placed on the front of the building.

This cabinet and device is the partnerships 16th site in the Purbeck area.

 The partnership is a charity under the Swanage and Purbeck Development Trust with all funds raised going to providing equipment.