Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Thank you

As the partnership heads towards its 17th Defibrillator for the local area, we just wanted to say thank you for the continued support of the community.

The partnership is made up of many people but with out the financial support that groups and individuals have provided,  the devices and cabinets just wouldn't have been possible.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Two more devices on the way

The installation team were busy today installing two new devices in Swanage.

Simon, Danny , David and Ian braved strong winds and a heavy down pour to install the cabinet at the National Coastwatch Institution Peveril Point.

The cabinet here was donated by the watch keepers at the lookout.

NCI Peveril Point
It was then on to Beach Gardens to install the cabinet on the Pavillion.  This device was partly funded from the Partnership and the Bowls Club.
The device is to the side of the Bowls club next to the toilets. 
Both devices have been registered today and should be online official in a week when South Western Ambulance add them to their system.  We will keep you posted.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

SWASFT award night

Ken Wenman Chief Executive of South Western Ambulance presents the community award to Ian and Maggie

Kate Fisher (left) Assistant Community Responder Officer  (Dorset) put the partnership forward for the award to recognise the work in providing community defibrillators.
Dave Tolman Responder Manager (Right)

Monday, 16 January 2017

Its not just putting up cabinets

For the general public the cabinets and devices are the only physical feature of the partnership, behind the scenes there has to be a lot of work to get the cabinets where they are.

From fund raising, planning permissions, product research, resuscitation guidelines, asset management to our education programme all have to recorded and managed.

Over the coming weeks we will explain the work the partnership has undertaken to provide these lifesaving devices for the community.

The work here in Swanage has also created interest from other towns and villages so we are proud of what we have achieved with the help of a lot of people.


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Getting Assistance

On our recent workshops , we go through how to obtained access to the cabinets that are around the town.

For those who haven't attended a workshop, it works like this

When  a call to 999 (AMBULANCE) is made and the caller is asked if the patient is experiencing any of the following;

Cardiac Arrest
Chest Pain
Shortness of breath

If the answer is Yes to any of the above, the caller is asked if it would take longer than one minute to fetch the unit and return to the incident / patient.

If the answer is No (to take one minute) the caller is advised to collect the device themselves , if they are able and willing.

If however , it would take longer than a minute , the caller is asked is there anyone else that could go and get it.

The caller may not be advised to collect the device if its more than  200 metres away or the patient isn't experiencing any of the above symptoms.

The ambulance call handler will then give the code for the cabinet

The ambulance call handler will stay on the line with the caller to advise on the correct CPR procedure, and to reassure them until help arrives.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Defibrillator Workshop at Chococo

Swanage Community Defibrillator Partnership is holding a practical defibrillator workshop at Chococo in Commercial Road tomorrow morning (9th January)  10.00am to midday.
One the partnership guardians works in the "chocolate house" and we are grateful for the support of Andy, Claire and the staff for allowing us to hold a workshop and for having one of our collection tins.
If you have 10 minutes to spare tomorrow pop in upstairs and have a practise and learn about the work of the partnership in Swanage and local community.